Conference: Promoting Youth Mental Health through Intervention, Engagement and Innovation

3rd National One-Day Research Conference on Youth Mental Health
Promoting Youth Mental Health through Intervention, Engagement and Innovation
Friday 28 September 2012; Carlton Castletroy Park Hotel, Limerick
On behalf of the chair and organisers of the Association’s Special Interest Group on Youth Mental Health, it gives me pleasure to share with you details of this forthcoming research conference on Promoting Youth Mental Health through Intervention, Engagement and Innovation.
Of relevance to all those interested in, and aware of, the increasing importance of youth mental health in the individual’s life-cycle and the influencing role it has on their future development and interactions with society.
Overview: a dynamic and multi-disciplinary conference, co-hosted by the Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Special Interest Group and University of Limerick Graduate Entry Medical School, specifically geared to:
·  bring together diverse Ireland-based speakers to discuss new work and emerging trends, and overseas presenters to balance this with broader perspective pieces
·  provide insight into government perspectives, initiatives and directions
·  showcase research and innovation relevant to youth mental health and enable:
o  interaction between academic / scientific community and young people
o  opportunity for young researchers to highlight their projects to key opinion-formers, academics and clinicians
·  draw together a multi-disciplinary audience across the specialties and services
Call for Abstracts: Bringing together diverse researchers to discuss new work and balancing this with broader perspectives offering advice, tips and insights, the programme has been designed to forge new alliances and collaborations and increase awareness of the work being carried out in this area.
The day’s invited speakers include international and national experts on youth mental health Ireland and, to complement this, participation from students, clinicians, community agencies and establishing researchers is greatly encouraged. Submissions for oral and poster presentations are therefore invited (guidelines attached)
Programme: reflecting key themes in youth mental health in Ireland today, the ambitious programme covers:
·  technology in promoting youth mental health
·  youth engagement
·  service development
·  suicide and its prevention
·  substance use
·  social deprivation and its role in youth mental health
Further details: For further information or for any queries, please contact Ingrid King : 0044 (0) 20 7403 7458;[email protected].
The conference is now on Facebook and Twitter (#Acamh2012).