Addiction Medicine Education for Healthcare Improvement Initiatives: New Paper out Now

The purpose of this work was to develop and to process-evaluate an educational intervention designed to help general practitioners (GPs) identify and manage problem alcohol use among problem drug users. The session was facilitated by demonstration of clinical guidelines, presentation, video, group discussion and/or role play. Seventeen participants from three family practices and the Graduate Entry medical school, University of Limerickparticipated in four workshops. They perceived the training as most helpful in improving their ability to perform alcohol screening. The positive feedback from General Practitioners opens the gate for integrating addiction treatment into primary care settings and, along with other multi-level implementation interventions, suggests that the addiction medicine education can support addiction health services improvement initiatives. The intervention will be used in our current study evaluating the impact of psychology-based treatments for substance use disorders.
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Citation:               Jan Klimas, Kevin Lally, Lisa Murphy, Louise Crowley, Rolande Anderson, David Meagher, Geoff McCombe, Bobby P Smyth, Gerard Bury, Walter Cullen, (2014) “Development and process evaluation of an educational intervention to support primary care of problem alcohol among drug users”, Drugs and Alcohol Today, Vol. 14 Iss: 2 Link: