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Despite the enormous bur­den of disease attributable to drug and alcohol addiction, there remain major challenges in implementing evi­dence-based addiction care and treatment modalities. This is partly because of a persistent lack of accessible, specialized training in addiction medicine.

Addiction care and treatment online certificate

Recently, the British Columbia Centre on Substance Use started a new interdisciplinary certificate in addiction care and treatment in Vancouver, Canada. We describe the new program and outline initial impact of the training on knowledge and skills in addiction medicine from our mixed methods evaluation of the certificate.

“The Addiction Care and Treatment Online Certificate is a free online certificate course targeted at health care professionals interested in learning more about providing care to patients with various substance use disorders, including alcohol, tobacco, stimulants, cannabis, and opioids. This program was supported by an investment by the Province of British Columbia and the Ministry of Health.” (

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Knowledge of the addiction medicine increased significantly postcertificate (mean difference 28.21; 95% CI 27.32 to 29.10; P<.001). Physicians scored significantly higher on the pretest than any other health discipline. The greatest improvement in scores was seen in the counselling professions and community outreach.Listen for more details here:

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Gorfinkel, L., Giesler, A., Dong, H., Wood, E., Fairbairn, N., Klimas, J. (2019) Development and Evaluation of the Online Addiction Medicine Certificate: A Free Novel Program in a Canadian Setting. JMIR Medical Education, 5(1):e12474

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