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Missing Evidence on Addiction Medicine Professional Training Needs

We wanted to find out whether newly trained professionals working in addiction medicine around the world felt they had enough and appropriate training to treat individuals with addictions.

QUICK FACT: There are international differences in the training quality and type given to professionals in addiction medicine, and their training needs.

How was the study done?

We looked at relevant educational literature up to June 2018. We wanted to see what the needs of addiction medicine professionals were and if they felt prepared for treating people with addictions. We created detailed study plan and registered it with The Best Evidence Medical Education (BEME) collaboration.

What did the study find?

We found 3 studies, completed in China, England and the USA. There is little knowledge on training needs of newly trained addiction medicine professionals. Training needs for professionals were different in each study and in each country. More information is needed to identify training needs of early career addiction medicine professionals.

Why is training addiction medicine professionals important?

In order to improve addiction medicine education internationally we need to do more research. The needs of the addiction medicine professionals should be considered when developing training. Developing training guidelines will help professionals feel more prepared to work in the field of addiction medicine.

What is Best Evidence Medical Education (BEME)?

The Best Evidence Medical Education (BEME) Collaboration is an international group of individuals, universities and professional organisations committed to the development of evidence informed education in the medical and health profession. ( text taken from

Klimas J, Kelly D, Adam A, Arya S, , et al. 2020, ‘What Are the Self-Assessed Training Needs of Early Career Professionals in Addiction Medicine? A BEME Focused Review’, MedEdPublish, 9, [1], 62, Link:

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Scoping the needs of early career addiction specialists, Protocol