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Moving on: helping young people

In this 2009 Insight article, Gemma Turner, Cobh Community Based Drugs Worker, provides a brief history of the project while Jano Klimas gives a sense of the impact of the youth initiative from its evaluation.

YMCA journal

What services are provided at the Cobh Community Drugs Initiative?

  • Work with 14-23 year olds from Cobh, on a one to one basis, whose lives are affected by drugs and/or alcohol
  • Support young people in recovery from drug and/or alcohol addiction
  • To tailor make a plan for each young person encouraging change, growth, healthy lifestyle choices and fulfilling their potential
  • Support/provide information for loved ones and family members of young people referred to service
  • Provide a safe, confidential environment where young people are listened to and free to discuss issues
  • Provide a link between young people in Cobh to other services where appropriate i.e. treatment centres, health clinics, assessment & counselling services, etc.
  • Act as an advocate for the young person
  • Auricular Acupuncture
  • One to one support for concerned persons

Article Citation: Turner, G., & Klimas, J. (2009). Moving on- helping young people and their families deal with addiction issues. Insight – Reflective Practice Journal, YMCA Ireland, 8, 16-18. Download the article here.

Cobh Community Drugs Initiative – Contact:

C/o Cobh YMCA

4A Ticknock Commercial Park, Ticknock, Co. Cork
Community Drugs Worker: Gemma Turner


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